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    Baby Photo Retouching Services

    You a newborn photographer or a caring parent, who wants all baby photos to look cute? FixThePhoto team is ready to help you in any kind of newborn photo retouching. Professional retouchers will take care of baby red skin and objects removal, as well as correct colors to ensure your newborn images will look sweet.

    Baby Photo Retouching Services We Provide:

    Nose, eyes, cheeks editing - from $6 per photo

    Redness on a newborn’s face is a frequent problem, which requires professional editing. We will gently enhance cheeks and nose to make a baby look charming. We can also improve eyes, fix the color, adjust proportions and remove a red-eye effect.

    editing newborn photos editing newborn photos

    Skin smoothening and tone fixing - from $6 per photo

    The baby’s skin often acquires red and blue tones at the photoshoot. Our kids photo retouching services include high-end tone fixing and color correction to make skin look healthy. We also perform skin smoothing to make an image look flawless.

    baby photo retouching baby photo retouching

    Unwanted object removal - from $6 per photo

    If there are different props distracting attention from a baby in the photo, you can order object removal at FixThePhoto and our retouchers will perform proper improvements. We can remove small objects as well as bulkier items.

    baby photo editing services baby photo editing services

    Background editing - from $6 per photo

    Is the background of your newborn photo too dark? Or it lacks depth? We can correct colors, remove harsh shadows, make the background sharper or blurred. Retouchers can replace an original background with the one you need realistically.

    kids photo editing kids photo editing

    Color correction - from $0.25 per photo

    Whether there are problems with white balance, saturation, contrast, exposure, vibrancy, shadows, or other color parameters, and your baby photos look strange, get in touch with our newborn photo retouching team.

    editing newborn photos in photoshop editing newborn photos in photoshop

    Photo manipulation & stylization - from $12 per photo

    Those interested in creative kids photo editing, should refer to our baby photo manipulation and stylization services. We can draw fairy-tale environments by means of Photoshop as well as create thematic compositions to make newborn images magical.

    newborn photography retouching newborn photography retouching

    How Does It Work

    baby photo retouching
    Upload newborn photos
    editing newborn photos services
    Write recommendations
    kids photo editing
    Submit for revision if necessary
    editing newborn photos
    Get your photos back

    You take newborn photos and FixThePhoto experts edit them – that’s the way many photographers work nowadays. You no longer need to spend hours fixing skin defects and improving colors. Delegate the task to our retouchers and spend more time in capturing newborn photos.

    Prices for Our Baby Photo Retouching Services

    Pro Level

    $ 6.00
    per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • Skin Color/Tone Changing
    • Basic Editing (Eyes, Nose, Cheeks, Etc)
    • Crop Image
    • Color Correction
    • Basic Background Enhancement
    • Slight Solid Background Extending
    • Small Unwanted Objects Removal
    • editing newborn photos pro level
    • baby photo retouching pro level
    • edit photo baby pro level

      High End Level

      $ 12.00
      per photo
      View Examples
      Services applied:
      • Pro Corrections
      • Objects Removal
      • Body/Face Liquify
      • Following the Clients' Style
      • High End Skin Retouching
      • High End Background Enhancement
      • Image Masking
      • editing baby photos in photoshop high end level
      • editing newborn skin in photoshop high end level
      • baby photo retouching photoshop high end level

        Extra Level

        $ 12.00
        per photo
        View Examples
        Services applied:
        • Pro Corrections
        • Backdrop Changing
        • Natural Heads/Eyes Swapping
        • Shadows/Highlights Fixing
        • Unwanted Objects Removal
        • Basic Photo Manipulation
        • Textured Background Extending
        • Sheets/Blankets Smoothening
        • Background/Clothes Smoothening
        • Image Masking
        • kids photo editing extra level
        • kids photo editing extra level
        • baby photo editing services extra level
          Bulk Services for Permanent Customers
          editing newborn photos services discount
          Discount for all newborn retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US per 1 order.
          editing newborn photos services discount
          Discount for all baby retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500 US per 1 order.

          Turn Your Baby Photo Into Painting

          Contact FixThePhoto retouchers if you want to turn baby photos into amazing paintings with beautifully executed brush strokes, perfect contrast and brightness. We will remove imperfections and smoothen out the skin without changing its texture.

          After deleting the background, our experts will replace it with another one to transform the mood in your picture. We will send you an edited baby photo in a few working days.

          Our retouchers use the most recent brush tools to turn baby photos into paintings in Photoshop and Lightroom. They will add subtle splashes of color and remove color casts to make your picture look like a work of art.

          Photo Manipulation - US $30.00 (per image)

          Services applied:

          • Artistic filters for a hand-painted effect
          • Color correction
          • Brightness and contrast adjustment
          • Visual effects

          Newborn Photo Manipulation

          By combining multiple images and adding new textures, we can change the overall atmosphere in your newborn photo. Whether you are a professional photographer or beginner, you can order our newborn photo manipulation services to give your portfolio a professional look.

          FixThePhoto retouchers will blend colors, edit out unwanted objects, add shadows to make your picture look more realistic and replace the background with a more suitable one. After editing your baby photo, we will seamlessly blend the textures and make the colors look more vibrant.

          Photo Manipulation - US $30.00 (per image)

          Services applied:

          • Background replacement
          • Unwanted objects removal
          • Skin airbrushing
          • Creative photo manipulation
          • Photo compositing
          • Image blending

          How to Order Our Newborn Photography Retouching Services:

          1. Register on the website. Upload newborn photos that require editing. In addition to the on-site uploading feature, you can send bulky files via Dropbox and WeTransfer.

          2. Choose what kids photo retouching services you need. Specify your requirements.

          3. Pay for the services and our retouchers will get to work immediately. You can order file delivery in PSD format, but this service is charged additionally.

          4. It usually takes us from 1 to 3 business days to fulfill the task. You will get an e-mail notifying you about the results of kids photo editing. If you have any questions left, check the FAQ section.

          In case the edited baby photos don’t fully match with what you expected to get, you can ask for free revisions by contacting our managers via a live chat or by sending an e-mail.

          Realistic and Fast Baby Photo Retouching

          No matter how cute newborn images are, there are still some flaws on photos to edit. In most cases, photographers can’t fully control the baby’s hair, background styling, temperature, lighting, and props.

          FixThePhoto company offers professional baby photo editing services for beginner and professional photographers, as well as loving parents. We will correct colors, adjust the light-shadow pattern, smooth skin and fix tone, get rid of distracting items, improve the background, smooth creases on the blanket, and more.

          Pro Level - US $6.00 (per image)

          Services applied:

          • Skin tone improvement
          • Realistic blemishes removal
          • Basic face retouching
          • Skin smoothing

          Why Choose FixThePhoto Baby Photo Editing Services?

          There is much to do on the photo editing stage. If you do not have time for editing newborn photos on your own, place an order on the FixThePhoto website.

          Our team has vast experience in editing baby photos and we have a huge collection of perfectly edited baby pictures in the portfolio. We guarantee absolute anonymity of your images and use reliable method to accept and deliver orders.

          The list of baby photo editing services includes all types of regular edits as well as advanced manipulation and stylization.

          High End Level - US $12.00 (per image)

          Services applied:

          • Color correction
          • Hair retouching
          • Skin tone improvement
          • Baby skin smoothing
          • Blemishes removal
          • Making background dark

          Get a Quick Response to Your Newborn Photo Retouching Request

          Find out the cost of kids photo editing without registration. To place an order, you need to upload your photos, choose the services you are interested in, specify your requirements, write your name and address, and press “OK”. Our manager will get in touch with you within an hour. We work with different photo formats and don’t set limitations on the number of photos to edit.

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